As the new school year begins, The Arc is excited to also begin its 21st year as a chapter of the The Kids on The Block Educational Puppet Program!

Begun in 1977 in response to the mandate of US Public Law 94-142 to move capable special education students to mainstream education classrooms, The Kids of the Block started as an effort to educate and inform children in regular ed classrooms about disabilities. Over time, the Columbia, Maryland-based program has grown into an internationally acclaimed program, now teaching students not only about a variety of physical and intellectual disabilities  but about medical issues, educational differences and social concerns as well.

Like the national company, The Arc’s KOB program has expanded from its original base of disability awareness programs to include such programs on bullying awareness, obesity prevention, problem solving and bicycle safety too.  and the best part is the programs are offered free of charge to all kindergarten – sixth grades in Calhoun and Cleburne Counties!

For more information about this bunraku – based puppet program and to see a complete list of programs offered by The Arc’s KOB troupe, download our brochure here.

To schedule a performance of The Kids at your school or organization, or to volunteer contact Pati Tiller, 256-236-2857

Attention Boys and Girls!

You can download lots of fun activities from The Kids by clicking here ( with your parents’ permission of course).

You may also contact The Kids by sending them an email to

Or mailing them a letter at P.O. Box 1848, Anniston, AL 36202