Does your child need EI Services?

Many parents are asking “how do I know if my child is behind?” Is my child learning or growing like they should? Does my child need Early Intervention Services? Here is a checklist of milestones the Alabama’s Early Intervention System (a division of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services) says to look for in your child’s first 18 months:

reprinted by permission from The Arc of Alabama

Does your Child

At 1 Month

  • raise head up from surface when lying on tummy
  • watch faces in his/her direct line of sight
  • move arms and legs energetically
  • like to be rocked

At 2 Months

  • smile, coo, grunt and/or sigh
  • try rolling on to side

At 3 Months

  • raise head erect
  • babble
  • follow a moving object with his/her eyes
  • grasp objects placed in hand

At 4 Months

  • hold a rattle for an extended period of time
  • recognize familiar faces and objects
  • sit supported for short periods of time
  • laugh out loud

At 5 Months

  • reach for and holds objects
  • stretch out arms to be picked up
  • stand firmly on legs when supported
  • play peek-a-boo

At 6 Months

  • turn over from back to stomach
  • place things in mouth and/or chew
  • listen to own voice / squeals
  • turn toward sounds
  • sit with little bracing or support

At 7 Months

  • recognize image in mirror
  • able to move object from one hand to another
  • sit unsupported for brief times
  • “creep’ by pulling body along with arms
  • act “shy” around strangers

At 8 Months

  • sit steadily for around five minutes
  • grasp object with thumb and forefinger
  • crawl on hands and knees
  • like to be around parent(s)

At 9 Months

  • stand for a time when supported
  • say “Ma-Ma” and “Da-Da”
  • mimic sounds
  • recognize name
  • hit objects together

At 10 Months

  • pull self up
  • drink from cup

At 11 Months

  • walk holding on to furniture
  • find objects under other objects

At 12 Months

  • try words beside “Ma-Ma” and “Da-Da”
  • walk with one hand held
  • enjoy some solid food
  • wave “bye-bye”
  • finger-feeds self
  • like an audience

At 15 Months

  • walk unsupported
  • scribbles/ colors on paper when shown
  • cooperate in dressing
  • shows wants with pointing/gestures
  • begin using a spoon

At 18 Months

  • like to climb
  • put things together/ takes things apart
  • can say six words
  • drink from a cup with two hands
  • like to help parent
  • try to put on shoes

Remember: Each child develops at his or her own rate, and a later accomplishment of one or two of these milestones is no cause for concern in and of itself.

However, if you feel your young child, age birth to 3, is not learning or growing in the way you expect, call Early Intervention CHILD FIND (1-800-543-3098) or the East Central Alabama United Cerebral Center Palsy Center at 256-237-8203.