From the mother of a camper in The Arc/Anniston PARD Adult Camp

Nicole has went to the Arc day camps since she was a young child . She has always loved going to camp & doing the many different activities with the camp. Now as an adult she also attends the week long day camps with the Arc & the Anniston Parks & recreation department. Everyone at the Arc has always been very helpful & really seem to love working with Nicole.

From a Saks Elementary School teacher

The students can relate to the puppets.The puppets seem to be just like them

From a participant in The Arc/Anniston PARD Adult Camp

I had a good time. I like going to new places and seeing new things. I learned something then.

From a coordinator of a religiously based program

I believe this program assists (the students) in helping them to look at things differently and keep an open mind.

From a community supporter and volunteer

The Arc of Calhoun and Cleburne Counties (Alabama) is responsible for doing great things for some of the nicest people in our little corner of the world. The Staff and Volunteers are commended for their work.We cannot say enough good things about our experiences with The Arc staff and programs! The support provided has helped us adjust and learn to parent our adopted daughter at a critical time in her development. Thanks to you all for caring and training us well.

From a parent of a children's camp participant in Cleburne County

I want to thank the Arc for allowing my son to attend camp. He loves it he started asking 2 weeks before school got out when camp was. It has allowed him have fun and not have to worry about being accepted. But that he can just be himself and enjoy life. Thank you Arc of Calhoun and Cleburne Counties.

From a parent of a children's camp participant in Calhoun County

My kids love camp and it helps them keep in a learning frame of mind so they regress less during the long summer. I would rather my kids had access to extended school year services, but since I have not been able to get that, this has been a big help. I only wish it lasted longer, but I understand why it doesn’t.

A Cobb Elementary School Counselor

This is an excellent program. Awesome!