The Arc staff will remain responsive to the status of the Covid -19 virus in our community and will continue to weigh its prevalence with the needs of our programs.   All programs offered from our offices at 401 Noble Street or at our activities center at 407 Noble street Anniston are currently in full operation, and will continue to be so unless the level of contagion spread from the virus indicates the need to do otherwise.

In accordance with recommendations from the CDC and WHO, we recommend social distancing and the wearing of masks in close proximity.  We encourage all consumers and their family members talk with their doctor about the vaccinations and boosters now offered for Covid -19.

Staff will also use CDC guidelines when in contact with our consumers, and will monitor their own health in regards to the virus and any other communicable disease.  Staff will stay home when exhibiting any sign of Covid until cleared by their doctor and asked all consumers also stay away from participating in our programs when sick.

Thank you for your understanding